High speed internet

Enjoy the highest internet speed in Cuenca. Upload files, watch movies or hold a conference without problems with 50Mbps fiber optic connection.

Room service

Enjoy the best national and traditional Italian cuisine in your room at no additional cost. We have promotions every day in snacks, drinks and cocktails.

Breakfast buffet

The best breakfast buffet in Cuenca, included in your night of lodging. Great variety of nutritional and traditional Cuenca foods, as well as all kinds of breakfast drinks.

Car parking

Sleep without worry with your car in our private garage. We have spaces for buses, vans or trucks if you travel for work.


All our rooms have DIRECTV premium so you do not lose your favorite series or your sporting events.

Pet friendly

Animate and bring your pet with you in your visit to Cuenca. We are a hotel friend of your pet and we will do what we can to also enjoy Cuenca.